Discuss All Things iPAD @ the iPADMeet

14 Nov

Schools are investigating the implementation of iPADs into the classroom to engage and extend learning.  Teachers are also a buzz about purchasing a tablet for personal & education use.

Elkanah House is running an iPadMeet forum for Principals, Teachers, ICT Heads and Coordinators to pool considerations, resources, and knowledge about device implementation in a school environment.

We are all on the same discovery path and hope to implement such devices using a seamless approach into our schools.  But often, these pilot projects are not successful due to a number of essential factors which could make or break victory! With constant discussions and support around these issues we hope to be better informed.

Some of the topics we aim to cover during our iPADMeet @ Elkanah House are:

  •      Ownership of devices [staff + students / parents]
  •      Is the iPad the “way 2 go”
  •      Purchasing of Apps – “are we App dependent”
  •      iTunes – without learning the hard way!
  •      Training of staff
  •      Infrastructure and Support
  •      Using Cloud or school server – storing of
  •      Social Media policies – do we need to control this or manage this?
  •      Wireless – solutions, cost
  •      Pilot projects – tracking and managing
  •      iPad curriculum – wiki for success for use by all schools?
  •      ePub distribution to student iPads [resources, portal options]

So, hurry and book your spot at the iPADMeet.

Don’t forget to bring your iPAD [or any other device] with you.  If you are keen on using ICT to support teaching and learning, then you should join us from 11h00 to 13h00 for our TeachMeet @ Elkanah, just before the iPADMeet.


Our scrumptious Schoolyard Market @ Elkanah is happening on the same day as the TeachMeet & iPADMeet! You do not want to miss this…see our website for details.

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