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Finally, MOS 2010 Books with all the trimmings

Finally, MOS 2010 Books with all the trimmings

The courier delivered hard copies of my five newly published Microsoft Office Specialist Books this morning. I was so excited I could hardly wait to get the package open. This is the first time I have seen the books in print…

The five books cover Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access 2010 and are sold with the following extra’s:

  1. Lecturer Lesson Plan [including SAQA mapping, suggested training duration per concept, video links, exercise files used, completed exercise files used]
  2. Lecturer Presentation [over 250 slides with linked video files to reinforce concepts, additional notes for lecturer when delivering training]
  3. Student Check List
  4. Concept Exercise Files, exercise solutions, video files
  5. Full Exercise Files, exercise solutions, video files
  6. Training files for use with Book

A special thank you to my boys for putting up with a mom who was constantly on her computer for months and months!

A very big thank you to Netlearn Update cc for making my dream possible by publishing, marketing and selling!

Alternatively, contact me!

WORD EXPERT and EXCEL EXPERT will be released soon.


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MOS 2010 Books Published

MOS 2010 Books Published

I am very proud to announce the publishing of my Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 Training Material.

If one is taking official exams for MOS or completing any other certification relating to Microsoft Office 2010, the books offer lots of visuals, are thorough and packed with extras including:

  • Lecturer Slide presentation with linked Video files for each concept
  • Lecturer Lesson Plan which includes videos, files used, training duration, SAQA mapping
  • Student Check List
  • Exercises files [Full length and Concept Exercises]
  • Exercise Instructions┬á[Full length and Concept Exercises]
  • Exercise Answers [Full length and Concept Exercises]┬á
  • Additional Manual Training Files
  • Videos for each concept

Watch this space for updates on the availability of my Word Expert and Excel Expert combination book.  The courseware is mapped to SAQA Unit Standards [indicated throughout the books as well as on the Lecturer.Lesson Plan]. 

For more information see the image below or to order:  Contact NetLEARN for Books, Exams & Marketing Material : (031) 581 1300 or Email:



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