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SA Student excels @ MOS World Championship


In its 14th year, the 2015 Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship (MOSWC) attracted 600,000 unique candidates who competed to demonstrate their mastery of Microsoft Office products.

145 student finalists from 47 countries participated in the final round of competition.

“More than 1.2 billion people use Office worldwide, and these students have taken the time to set themselves apart as the best of the best,” said Alison Cunard, general manager of Learning Experiences at Microsoft. “Earning a Microsoft Office Specialist certification has already provided proof that they have the necessary skills to succeed in academics and the workforce. Winning the World Championship puts them in a class of their own, and we look forward to seeing how they put their Microsoft Office skills to use in the future”

Let me introduce you to the 14 year old student from ELKANAH HOUSE HIGH SCHOOL, SAMANTHA KNUPP,
who has put SOUTH AFRICA on the map!  C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!


 The 2015 Microsoft Office Specialist World Champions in WORD 2010 are:

First place, Manuel Burgos, Dominican Republic
Second place, Ryan Catalfu, USA
Fourth place, Risa Sato, Japan
Fifth place, Lizhen Chan, Singapore
Sixth place, Titya Eng, Cambodia
Seventh place, Minh Tien Tran, Vietnam
Eighth place, Wei-Lun Chen, Taiwan
Ninth place, Ellen Greenly, New Zealand
Tenth place, Tang Baoen, China


CERTIPORT recognized the top Microsoft Word 2010 competitors at the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship Student Awards Ceremony at the Gaylord Texan Grapevine Resort in Dallas, Texas.  Certiport is the Worldwide Competition Sponsor and Organiser.

“These winners are part of an elite group that know how to use Microsoft Word efficiently and to its full potential,” said Aaron Osmond, vice president of the global Certiport offering for Pearson VUE.  “We are proud to support this competition as a vehicle to promote what the world needs most – young people who possess in-demand workforce skills.”

The Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship is a global competition that tests students’ skills on Microsoft Office applications. Participating in this competition provides you with an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint skills, have some fun, impress student colleagues and gain recognition. As the competition sponsor, Certiport wants to provide you a platform to demonstrate your success.


Certiport will host the 2016 Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship in Disneyworld [Orlando, Florida].  Promo video will follow!

The event hashtag is #MOSWC


NetLEARN Update

NetLEARN is the official organizer and sponsor of the SA national competition from which the finalists are selected to compete at the World Championships.

NetLEARN is the South African Partner for Certiport, a Pearson VUE company.  NetLEARN Update is a Full Solution provider and implementer of Electronic Training and Testing,  face-to-face training as well as audio-visual training through motivational DVDs.  We have an awesome team to assist with Administration and Technical Support.  NetLEARN is also a supplier of books and exams.



To participate, a student must submit a passing score on any of the following certification exams:

Microsoft Office Specialist – Word 2010
Microsoft Office Specialist – Excel 2010
Microsoft Office Specialist – PowerPoint 2010
Microsoft Office Specialist – Word 2013
Microsoft Office Specialist – Excel 2013
Microsoft Office Specialist – PowerPoint 2013

To compete in the final round of the Championship, students must be between the ages of 13 and 22 (as of  15 June, 2016)

A student may enter in one, two or all three applications from a MOS track [only applicable if the student has not entered before].

NOTE: if a student participated in a prior World Championship competing on Microsoft Excel 2010, he/she can compete in a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint track, but can NOT compete in the Microsoft Excel 2010 or 2013 track in the World Championship.


CONTACT LINDA : for more information or any questions regarding participating, certification or training


After arriving and settling in at the stunning hotel one would seek out the registration conference venue. This is where name lanyards, backpacks with lots of goodies are handed out. After checking which exam session you have been assigned to, one would grab the opportunity to test out the keyboard and ask any questions.  The opening cocktail function then follows in the evening where one would circulate and meet all the entrants from around the world, as well as the Partners and Chaperons. This is where we exchange lots of friendship contact cards.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The next day,after a good sleep from the hectic travel schedule and a scrumptious breakfast everyone gathers for the opening ceremony where one is addressed on the entire happenings for the few days.

The rest of the day is spent preparing for your 50 minutes exam session, supporting others, or chilling out in the student games room.

Ready for the Word Project at Gaylord Texan Resort and Conference Center, Dallas, Texas.In the concluding round, that is, the exam session, competitors participate in unique project-based tests [50 minutes] to demonstrate their ability to create documents in Word, Excel or PowerPoint.  The vibe is awesome, lots of excitement and the Certiport team always entertaining you fabulously … making your exam session relaxed and pumped at the same time. Lots of videos and photographs are snapped by chaperons, partners, and Certiport.


SA NATIONAL CHAMP – NetLEARN Update is the official sponsor of the SA National Champions and provides the top student/s, who meet the full criteria, a sponsored trip [full details of which are shared nearer the SA National Finals by Jenny Cole, CEO of NetLearn]. This is in itself the opportunity of a lifetime to attend the World Championships with the NetLEARN team. NetLEARN also recognizes the top 3 nationally.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – Certiport presented the first, second and third place winners with scholarship money ($5,000, $3,000, and $1,000 respectively), a medal, a trophy and various Microsoft products [Samantha received a Droid and an HP Tablet plus $1000].

Entrants next year could win sponsorship money which Certiport has increased to:  1st prize – $7.500; 2nd prize – $5,000 and 3rd prize – $2,500 [final prize money will be posted on the Certiport website in due course, along with the promo video for 2016]

Just to attend the World Championships, representing SA, with the cream of the crop across the globe is a huge prize, and that alone gives you the competitive edge being ready for the workplace!  Who knows, you might even feature in the Promo Video for the following year!


Each year Certiport chooses a location in the USA to host the World Championships.  NetLEARN  has sponsored students for the past 3 years. During 2013, two students from Elkanah House [Shaun Nothard and Tshimologo Molefe] were selected Nationally to attend the World Championships held in Washington, 2014 was held in Anaheim, Disneyland [Elkanah House took top spots again Nationally with Shaun Nothard, Jema Green and Kathrine Hinchcliffe as well as the Adobe spot, James Campbell-Gibson]. This year we were treated to Dallas, Texas!

Here are a few pics of the fun times and places we were fortunate to visit and enjoy this year!

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Pop on over to the following links:

TECHLOY – Technology News and Startup Culture in SA TechLoy News Flash
MY BROADBAND My Broadband Press Release
HTEXT.AFRICA htxt Press Release
DOWNLOAD / VIEW HIGH-RES PHOTOS OF THE WINNERS Certiport Photo Albums of Competitions
VIEW THE MOS AWARDS CEREMONY MOS Awards : 12 August 2015 – Dallas, Texas
VIEW THE MOS CHAMPIONSHIP WEBSITE The official Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship Website
NetLEARN NEWS FLASH NetLEARN Website Newsflash
VIEW THE MOS AWARDS CEREMONY MOS Awards : 12 August 2015 – Dallas, Texas
VIEW THE ADOBE AWARDS CEREMONY Adobe Awards : 12 August 2015 – Dallas, Texas




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TeachMeets hosted by NetLEARN Update









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MicrosoftMeet – the overdue Report Back

Have been really busy since the MicrosoftMeet held at Bishops recently – and apologies for the late report back.  Thank you to Sally Bowes for offering the use of the venue for the meet and special thanks to Anthony Fortuin and Justin Richter from Bishops who went the extra mile on the day!

I will be sending out a schedule of dates shortly, with a more regular schedule of TeachMeets. The next meet will be at Rondebosch Boys Prep School, thank you Warren Sparrow for arranging this!

We had a few issues with connectivity on the day and some presentations were not able to be viewed at the meet, but I have listed all presenters and presentations below, so that you can go through them and collaborate with the presenter, should you wish to do so.

  1. Warren Sparrow– Introduction to OfficeMix –

  2. Linda Foulkes – Overview of the Microsoft Educator Network, the benefits – chatted about MIEE, the process and benefits of entering as well as Sway.  Mentioned the benefits of using OneNote in the Classroom as my learning activity for E2

  3. Fiona Beal – Presented on the many Useful Ways to use PowerPoint in the Classroom

  4. Sachita Jeeta, from Mauritius, presented on  Skype in the Classroom / Mystery Skype

  5. Mabore Lekalakala – Mix to Learn Maths –

  6. Mokhudu Cynthia  –

  7. Bradly Lawrence from Living Maths – presented an energetic demonstration of Kahoot and got the audience involved in the process.

  8. Marija Preteska – 

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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Microsoft Redmond Reflection 2015



Ever since I can remember, I have always been drawn to Microsoft Technologies, whilst working in corporate and academic training environments for more than 25 years – it all started at UCT, many moons ago, and two of my biggest dreams were to visit THE Microsoft building, or to work for Microsoft.

Thank you, Microsoft, for making one of my dreams come true during 2015!  The opportunity to be physically present @ Microsoft Redmond, Building 92, was awesome!

It was a memorable experience being able to travel to Redmond representing South Africa at the Global Forum with Warren Sparrow, Mabore Lekalakala, and Mokhudu Cynthia. Great moments were had with this bunch, as well as with Angela Schaerer [Microsoft in Education : Academic Programme Manager] 🙂

There were 249 MIEExperts attending the Redmond Global Forum from around the globe, I am extremely privileged to be one of them!

After travelling to Redmond, we had the opportunity to write the MCE exam the following morning. I will write an additional post about this stunning certification, but we were thrilled to have passed the exam, which was a great start to the Global Forum E2 visit.


The keynotes at E2 were extremely motivational. BRAVERY, COURAGE AND LEADERSHIP was the theme for the entire forum – even down to the DrumCafe session. Anthony Salcito, Vice President, Worldwide Education, Microsoft addressed us with his presentation on EXPECT MORE, DO MORE, BE MORE


This was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our learning activities and collaboration at its best! We were grouped according to technologies used,which was great as we could interact with each other as to how we have created the learning experience for education. The atmosphere was buzzing with MIEExperts from all over the world setting up at round tables. The session was arranged so that each MIE had an opportunity to walk around and get to know one another and explain their activity. At this session I was pleased to have met Aaron Maurer, who’s activity really engaged me – he encouraged one to interact practically with his learning activity. You will see a pic of him [in the bowtie] on the TeachMeet slideshow, below as well as a pic of my toothbrush motor I created at his table. The other highlight for me was a discussion with Mike Tholfsen [Programme Manager, OneNote] who introduced me to the OneNote Engineer – Scott who listened to me discuss how I would enhance OneNote for Teachers.


Before leaving for Redmond, the MIEExperts chose from a list of Educator Led Sessions to attend at the Global Forum.  I attended the session on Office 365, run by SA MIEExpert, Warren Sparrow and Mette Hauch. Warren really did SA proud!  We were taken on a journey through the features of O365.

I also attended the session on the use of Minecraft in the Classroom, which was a panel driven conversation – very interesting to hear from those who just started using Minecraft in the classroom and those who have been using it for some time.

The last session I chose was OneNote [of course, I chose that session as I love OneNote 🙂 – always more to consume]. Joshua Sawyer and Kevin Sait [Head of IT Strategy for Wymondham High Academy Trust in the UK] were absolutely outstanding – learnt so much from their experiences with OneNote and also how Kevin implemented Wymondham High O Team, a group of students who have been instrumental in developing the use of Office 365, OneNote and mobile devices at his school.

angelasAngela Schaerer and Warren Sparrow presented on 21C Learning Design, a great session with an interactive task!

 2015 Technology Expo, Kent ShoWare Center

 THIS WAS AN AMAZING OUTING – I thoroughly enjoyed the visit to the 2015 Technology Expo – a venue FULL of little children who are using technology extensively in the classroom.  I was blown away by the confidence and knowledge of these little beings.  Such an inspiration! A few really stood out for me, so I will share these but there is so many more experiences I had during this expo.

The ONENOTE Guru’s

These two boys demonstrated how they use OneNote at school. They engaged in adult conversation with me and had an answer for any question I asked. I had such a cool chat Slide11to them and we shared how we would enhance the programme for teachers.

20150501_032303This little girl explained all the icons in order to draw – after she explained so confidently, she made me sit down and go through all the icons myself to draw a picture. She kept coming back to help me when I was stuck and explained how I needed to use the tools – BRILLIANT!

The Tech Integration project below was another great experience for me – the topic was banned and un-banned books and why parents do not let their children read books which are banned. The boy on the right created a game where you would be given a list of books and need to select whether banned or un-banned – you wll see a child completing the assessment in the picture below:

There were so many more moments at the tech expo, but think you have the idea.



The Global Educator challenge is where MIE Experts ‘walk the talk’ showing the impact of technology on students readiness, classrooms, educators and communities worldwide. MIE Experts are divided into groups with peers from different parts of the world to design a project around the use of Microsoft technologies within the specific theme of Bravery, Courage, and Leadership.

I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with all these wonderful MIEExperts – we really did a good job getting to know each other – collaboration and continued interaction is the key to forums such as this. We are all staying in contact and have the advantage of seeing each others work being part of the Facebook group for MIEExperts.

Note to self to remember everyday for 30 days for 30 seconds a day, to build the habit. I MATTER ‪#‎MSFTEduE2‬ My superpower is….

Here are a few of my best moments from E2 – the most beneficial for me was the contacts and collaborative opportunities I achieved through being an MIE before, during and after the E2 Global Forum. I encourage every teacher to submit their learning activity for 2016 and that you sign up for the Educator Network on for amazing free tools, learning activities, tutorials, projects and earn badges for free professional development courses.

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MicrosoftMeet : An Event not to be Missed


You might have attended the Microsoft Roadshow recently or missed it completely – no worries, here is the opportunity you have been waiting for!

It is time to collaborate together at the first MICROSOFTMEET held by NetLEARN Update. You will be inspired by all the free technologies Microsoft has to offer the educator. In addition, if you are wanting a relevant, current and rewarding professional development route for your teachers, which has badge incentives and tracking, then this session is not to be missed.  

Do not be left behind, equip yourself with the knowledge of what is out there to enable teachers to successfully educate our youth using technology as a tool in the classroom.

The MICROSOFTMEET will be run just like previous TeachMeets – with some prizes, cupcakes, refreshments and a great bunch of “unconference” fun, getting together to share experiences.

  • Should you be willing to share a presentation, idea, tool, or just something [big or small] which worked for you in the classroom – please sign up as a Keen Bean.

  • If you would just like to enjoy the two hours and collaborate with others, then sign up as an Enthusiastic Lurker.

  • Should you not be able to make the event but want to contribute something – please do so either by submitting a short audio or video clip or presentation which we can all view at the Meet.

  • If you would like to follow us, use the following hashtag:


  • Should you wish to know more….contact me as per the advert below.


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What you missed | TeachMeet @ Elkanah

It is a busy time of term, preparing, setting and marking exam papers, as well as invigilation…but also a perfect time to relax, collaborate, and rejuvenate with teachers from different backgrounds over a cup of coffee and some scones. .  sound inviting…?

So, you missed the Elkanah House TeachMeet!  But not to fear, the next meet will be held on the 30th August 2014 from 10h00 till 12h00.

After a quick roam around the popular Elkanah House Schoolyard Market, one could find oneself at the Library Media Center meeting new [and no so new faces] for a morning of catch up and integration chatter!  You do not have to own a particular device, nor teach a certain grade or even be a teacher…just an interest in the use of ICT as a tool in education. You do not even have to stay for the entire duration – pop in an see what it is all about – it’s free!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At the meet last Saturday we were introduced to the following tools and resources:

Michele Botha from Somerset House started off the session with an introduction to Kahoot.  Kahoot is a classroom response system which creates an engaging learning space, through a game-based digital pedagogy.  Michele visited her Kahoot at   She asked the audience to use their devices [ipad, phone, tablet] to navigate to  Once we all visited this page using a browser, we were asked to enter a Game pin.  Michele provided us with the game pin which we typed into the text area provided and entered our name.  Michele then started her game for us all to interact with. It was so much fun, and we all learnt a thing or two from the general knowledge questions she through at us! After each question, we could see our scores on the screen and challenged each other to win the next question.
To sign up or sign in to Kahoot, please visit

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Karen Stadler from Elkanah House Senior Primary spoke to us about her iTunesU iPad course called “Getting to know your iPad” for teachers.  One would need to download the iTunesU app from the App Store so that one can access a course, once created. To access information about iTunesU, visit this link


Karen recommends iTunesU as a method of PD for teachers. In a nutshell, she created a course to prepare our teachers for the 1:1 iPad roll out in July. There are 6 Modules covering General iPad Use, The iWork Apps, Apps for Teaching, Digital Citizenship, 1:1 teaching and Models for Understanding Technology Integration. The teachers watch videos, complete tasks with the specified apps, upload to Google Drive when completed and then fill in a reflection sheet for each module. They are currently busy with the Digital Citizenship module which requires them to do the Common Sense Media Digital Passport as if they were students, so they gain a better understanding of what Digital Citizenship is and what this programme teaches the students. Combined with hands-on sessions, an iTunesU course is a very effective way of covering the PD needs of time-constrained teachers.

In addition to the above chat about iTunesU, Karen spoke briefly about her Travelling Rhinos Project.  The link to the rhino wiki is All the information is on the wiki.  Karen Stadler is the recipient of this year’s ISTE’s SIGOL Online Learning Award.  She will be sponsored to ISTE where she will be given recognition in front of 20,000 attendees along with other ISTE Award winners. Well done, Karen!


Fiona Beal from SchoolNet SA introduced different Digital Story Telling applications that she had recently enjoyed using such as, PowToon , Google Story Builder, StoryboardThatQuozio [Make Beautiful Quotes], the Bitstrips app, Pinterest, and last but not least, the African Storybook Project .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fiona also introduced us to the Microsoft Educator Network. See below slide presentation of all the tools and resources one can benefit from:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Liz Broad and Linda Foulkes chatted about the use of Knowmia and the Knowmia Teach app, specifically with regard to the project which Liz had completed with the Grade 7 classes on Fractions.  See previous post about Knowmia for more information.

In addition to lots of stunning, informative presentations in a very relaxed atmosphere there is also a chance for participants to win a spot prize or too. If you sign up as a Keen Bean [that is, the willingness to share something for 3 minutes]  you will be rewarded with some Keen Beans 😉

We look forward to welcoming you at the next meet! Sign up HERE










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Knowmia | Lesson and Assignment Tool

The past few weeks I have done a huge amount of evaluating apps and websites in order to create “flipped” lessons for ones classroom.  I created this video lesson using Knowmia Teach. This app is available as download from iTunes.  The screenshot you see below is taken from the iPad App whilst I was creating the video using Knowmia Teach.  Knowmia Teach can be used by the teacher or student to create and deliver lessons.  It is possible to import all types of media as well as draw on the screen whilst presenting.

Once complete, the video lesson is published to the Knowmia website as a lesson. One can also export the lesson to your iPad or download the lesson from the Knowmia website as an mp4.  One thing I have learnt the hard way, when working with Knowmia Teach, is that if you need to edit a recorded lesson by adding slides and do not assign any recording, the lesson will not publish. So if you are going to experiment, make sure that you record on any edited slides even if no sound is produced. It pays to plan your video beforehand and not have to edit adding slides afterwards!

Once the lesson is created, one adds the lesson to an assignment. Add some assessment questions and any supporting class notes or files and share to your students. The “beta” reporting function Knowmia is outstanding and is all a teacher could wish for in order to keep track of student engagement either in real-time or after completing of a homework task. This is a great tool to use for tutorial lessons.


I used the app to create [in haste] a short video for staff at our school as an Induction session showing how to add their Webmail signature. Here is the completed video which I published from Knowmia Teach.

I am hoping to replace our traditional pdf HowTo handouts with a more visual mode of training. So experimenting with lots of different tools with the ability to assess students and staff by multiple choice and short answer question types with reporting.

Knowmia is certainly one of the best tools I have ever come across for flipping lessons using video and assignments.

I decided to do a comparison of all the tools I could find which teachers and students could use for the creation of lessons and assignments using video, pictures, polls, and self marking. I tested all of the tools on each of the following: iPad, Android Tablet [Samsung Galaxy Note], Windows laptop and a MAC. Whilst comparing I jotted down some key points about each of the tools. The list [shown below] will be updated as functionality is added by the various creators [we all know the rate at which these tools develop is phenomenal]. In addition, I’m sure I have left off many – let me know by way of commenting should you feel a specific tool should be mentioned.

OneNote was also used to create a resource expanda file for my BYOD program at school which contains all these tools as well as subject related resources and so on. Should you wish to have a copy, please contact me and I will dropbox it to you.

I would very much like some feedback if you have used any of the tools on my list, which is available below:




On Thursday, 20th February, I presented a webinar for SchoolNet on Knowmia and Knowmia Teach. The webinar recording link is below should you wish to listen to and watch the presentation.

Click HERE to find out exactly what Knowmia and Knowmia Teach have to offer.

My Knowmia Webinar slideshow is below:

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Collaboration continues at yet another TeachMeet


Even though this time of the year is extremely busy for most, it was well attended.  Thank you so much to all who made the effort to join the event – I am sure that you all will agree that the meet was definitely worth attending – even if on a Saturday! This event was filled with inspiring moments, great presentations and sharing tools which would definitely transform teaching and flipping learning, making the classroom an exciting experience for students and teachers!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

#elkteachmeet – The tweet summary compiled by @fbeal can be viewed here – lots of great links to explore.

In addition to the signed up Keen Beans and Enthusiastic Lurkers, Dr Pam Milller, as well as Tim Keller surprised us by attending! Both of whom turned into instant ‘Keen Beans” without much coercing!

Every Keen Bean receives a packet of jelly beans as a small thanks for presenting!IMG_1314_thumb.jpg

The before meet welcomes and discussions are a buzz, catching up with friends one does not get to see often but with whom one interacts regularly online, as well as meeting those attending the meet for the first time.


We enjoyed lemon meringue tartlets, biscuits, juice and tea/coffee whilst waiting for the meet to begin.

After welcoming everyone to the meet, sharing the TeachMeet WiFi credentials with the audience and passing around the “spot prize” bucket [so that each attendee could pick a number]…

We kicked off with our first Keen Bean, Karen Stadler [well known as @ICT_Integrator on twitter and ICT Coordinator at Elkanah House Senior Primary] who shared her knowledge of Tellagami. What a wonderful tool allowing one to create and share quick animated Gami videos. Tellagami is a mobile [available on the Google Play Store and the iPad App Store]. Check out her “App Smashing with Tellagami” presentation here with loads of links.

Nelia Henry, a Grade 5 Educator from Edgemead Primary could not attend the event but sent through her presentation on “Flipping the classroom using video – the simple circuit” to share with others after the meet. Her video is called Simple Circuit Intro.avi and the blurb is here

Carolynn Bruton, our second Keen Bean, presented on The Vault App [a solution for saving passwords and other important data]. Carolynn is self-employed and runs her own IT Company from home, called IT at Home

Alan Goldberg, who is the Education Director at Digicape, chose to share the topic “Converting Wikipeda Pages into iBook Creator” – if you are interested learning how to do this, I found a link to a how to…from Richard Edwards…here is his website link.

Fiona Beal [Technology Integration Facilitator at SchoolNet] contributed twice at the TeachMeet. Her first presentation was on Symbaloo – a great bookmarking tool. We were shown how to add webmixes, how to create your own webmix and showing posts on your blog. Her presentation is located here.  Having Fun with PowerPoint was her second presentation – see how.

Michele Botha from Somerset House {Director ICT Integration: Teaching and Learning] took us through the benefits of using Edmodo for Communication, an On-line library, integration with Google Drive, as well as E-submission and E-assessment in her BYOD programme. View her slides here.

Michele’s second presentation, Fiddlesticks, Fladerols, and Flubaroo, was delivered at the recent Google Summit earlier this year. This presentation concentrated on what Google Forms can do for you, how to create a form, form choices, sharing options and the Flubaroo process.

Tim Keller presented on HopScotch, the iPad programming language app. This app is extremely easy to navigate, has a clean interface and . HopScotch is downloadable at the App Store. For creative ways teachers are using Hopscotch in the classroom…visit

Dr Pam Miller [@docpammiller], demonstrated the use of ThingLink ThingLink helps one create and discover rich images and with music, video, text, images, shops and more.  Pam also introduced us to a wonderful course ‘Digital tools for the k12 educator’ at 

Linda Foulkes, who hosted the event, is the MOS [Microsoft Office Specialist] Trainer and ICT Coordinator at Elkanah House High School. She presented on two great tools to flip the learning experience, namely and Both tools allow one to flip videos adding discussions, multiple choice and open ended questions, as well as links to additional resources and information. Here is a video explanation of how to use EdPuzzle as well as a demo of the site.

Thank you so much to all who attended making another TeachMeet a success! Please spread the word and encourage others to attend. For more information, suggestions or anything you wish to share with others, tweet #elkteachmeet or contact me using the QR code below:



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TeachMeet@Elkanah – 2 November 2013

Please join us for a very exciting two hours where lots of sharing and inspiration happens between passionate individuals who see the value in the use of technology as a tool in the classroom!





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I’ve gone Google and presented @ the Google Summit

100213_1034_IvegoneGoog1.jpgIveGoneGoogleWhat a wonderful experience I was afforded being accepted for two presentations at the recent Google Summit. It was a huge learning curve for me. I plucked up the courage and entered the 3 minute Demo Slam as well. Thought I might as well give it a shot to challenge myself! Although extremely nervous and kept asking myself “why did you enter everything?” was sincerely glad I stretched myself, got to meet wonderful passionate educators, opened a world of exciting Google possibilities, and connected with the professional Google EdTechTeam and SchoolNet staff.

It was a fabulous, well organised event. Thanks to the EdTechTeam, SchoolNet and last but not least, to the Parklands College team who made sure everything was perfect for the presenters – most of all for making us feel supported throughout the event.

On arrival we selected items from the “party table”, and got to pose for a photo – [see pic below!] Reeva-Me-Google

Molly Schroeder’s keynote on “Living in Beta” was outstanding. This was the most inspiring keynote for me – Molly has so much passion, and captivates her audience – truly an exceptional speaker. The keynote not only made me ponder a great deal but also sent the message that we are all “living in beta” and it is okay not to know everything…this made me feel so at ease for my presentations that day!


Another enjoyment was to stand at the back of the main hall and see devices in so many of the delegates hands. Really proves that transformation is in progress and our students are going to benefit greatly from the experiences we can offer them as educators. So, remember when you are preparing a BYOD lesson for your students that it is okay to facilitate the process and learn from others, even as educators, one does not need to know everything. If something goes wrong, just change your course and set sail on a path of discovery. It is not only rewarding but exciting, and best of all you are PD’ing yourself – the best training happens when you are actively engaged in something you want to achieve and use in the classroom and/or administratively.

I presented the following topics @ the Summit:

  1. Getting Geeky with Google Scripts using Flubaroo,Doctopus + Goobric, AutoCrat
  2. Using Voice Comments to collect student homework – Voice Commenting, Text Commenting and adding Research links to the dashboard for student problem solving.
  3. For the Demo Slam [see below video]  I presented for 3 minutes on creating Citations using Google Apps and Extensions. The title was Ex…Cit(e)…able…Google. Ex for extension and Cit(e) for citations.


One of my top students for the Microsoft Office Specialist Champs, Shaun Nothard, attended both my sessions in order to support the audience should they require help with their devices throughout my sessions. It was a challenge to reach everyone in the audience as devices differed [Laptop, iMac, iPad, Galaxy Tab or Notes, iPhones, Blackberry and so on. Much like our BYOD programme at school. Shaun did an amazing job and interacted so well with the audience during the second presentation using Voice Comments. Shaun got to troubleshoot with the audience, and supported me with demonstration from the student perspective.  Here is a pic of us in our session – troubleshooting voice comments prior to the session – living in beta lol.

After all, we are at the conference to learn new things to excite and enthuse our students! We had a really awesome get together for presenters at Moyo on the first evening. 100213_1034_IvegoneGoog7.jpg

Looking ahead, I am pondering over applying for the Google Educator and Google Trainer programs. I’m also eager to share the possibilities of using Google Tools in education through a series of workshops at my school.

I am definitely going to “re-organize” my YouTube channel after Molly’s session on Flipping your classroom with Sites, YouTube and Forms. Hangouts is another tool I want to play around with more for educational purposes.

Another question I have pondering “up there” is whether to move Google+ or keep Facebook and my blog running? I need to really think this over and experiment as there seems to be a huge following on Google+.  One wants an easy flow to posting and reaching individuals for the benefit of education and for any personal business ventures across all platforms…any thoughts on this anyone? Are you posting more on Google+ or do you still visit Facebook as frequently as you did before? Google+ seems so much more integrated on every level. For instance, I wanted to skype my son in London…always have a terrible connection and is really frustrating. We have tried Webex meetings, and Skype and either get no video but audio, video but no audio, or nothing…but Hangouts seems so much more accommodating.

Using Scripts on devices is another avenue I want to explore more as well as making Google Apps.

Lots of learning ahead for me! Cannot wait!

See my next post for detailed videos on how to use the Voice Comments, AutoCrat, Doctopus, Goobric and Flubaroo

Yours in Google

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