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Use a Wormhole to share files across platforms|devices

I am very fortunate at work to have the best of both worlds…a MAC Mini, Windows Laptop, and an Android device [Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1]. The one problem I faced was the ability to share files from one platform to another. Actually, the problem does not exist with the android device, as file management and access is so much simpler and streamlined, but always a challenge with the Apple environment. 

This is my setup at work…

The solution is a Wormhole Switch! 

This is super awesome – a solution to share, backup and transfer files by dragging and dropping, cutting and pasting…wait for it…SHARING THE SAME MOUSE and KEYBOARD… across the different platforms:

  1. Across platforms [Windows to Mac OS; Windows to Windows; Mac OS to Mac OS]
  2. this includes, Android and iPad devices

There are different types of Wormhole Switches, namely:

Which Wormhole Switch is Right for Me?

Windows to Windows Mac to Mac Windows to Mac Android Support iPad Support

Visit the j5create Wormhole Switch website here for more information and graphics!

How does it work?

It is a cable with USB on both ends. Simply plug in! The software will prompt to install after which you will see the Wormhole icon on the taskbar. See how easy it is to select the option below:


The procedure is the same for Windows and Mac. Wormhole icon is on the taskbar – click to choose the position of the other platform.


or you could go for the WORMHOLE DOCKING STATION



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