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Have U been to a TeachMeet or iPadMeet?

Last Saturday, Elkanah House hosted its third TeachMeet, as well as its second iPadMeet. The response and attendance to both meets were extremely rewarding. Forty six dedicated people interested in sharing, presenting and soaking in ways to use ICT in the classroom joined the TeachMeet. During second session, fifty four participants, passionate about using the iPad as a classroom device, attended the iPadMeet.

The events were run one after the other to allow participants to enjoy both meets or collaborate with others during the short break between events.

IMG_1310   IMG_1308

Here is what happened at the Meets?

The meet kicked off with a “welcome housekeeping” presentation, which can be viewed here for those who are not sure how a TeachMeet event is run.

Essentially, on signup one would choose one of the following options:

  • Keen Bean – a presenter who shares an idea, lesson, a tool in a timeslIMG_1314ot of 3-5 minutes – presenters receive a gift of jelly beans
  • Enthusiastic Lurker – just there to soak up the environment and enjoy the day!

Di de Villiers from Somerset House seemed to have managed to get a reserved seat! She has attended every Meet we have had so far and always sits on the couch in the same spot…so I decided to reserve it for her!

IMG_0664     IMG_1302 Open-mouthed smile

Keen Beans shared a huge range of resources and the number of presenters doubled since the last meet! A huge thank you to Nicole Masureik of Pinelands High as well as Mnr Maree of Bishops who were unable to attend but contributed by sending a virtual presentation for me to share with the audience. So if you are unable to attend a meet…you are always able to contribute and share with others…video yourself or a presentation and send to me.

Well done to those who presented on the day – more information about these presentations, as well as photographs, videos and resources can be found on the TeachMeet wiki – – continue reading this post to see what was presented!

  1. Carolynn Bruton [ex Springfield] – presented twice, once on Organising you iPad and iPhone and then Transferring your Pics between Devices.
    Organising iPad TeachMeet.pdf; Transferring pics.pdf
  2. Fiona Beal [SchoolNet] presented on Google Forms – So Easy to Use –;; Google Forms – so easy to use.pptx
  3. Jenny Martin [Somerset House] on Using Triptico in the Primary School Maths Class Word Magnets.pptx;
  4. Karen Stadler [Elkanah House] took us on a wonderful tour through Epic Citadel during the iPadMeet– KStadler_epic.ppsvisit Karen’s blog at or ipad wiki:
  5. Nicole Masureik [Pinelands] – presented on Using Screencast-o-matic This video demonstrated the recording of on screen annotations in PowerPoint for Teacher Professional Development.
  6. Mnr Maree [Bishops] – took audience through Using Tumblr in the Afrikaans Classroom
    tumblr in afrikaans.mp4
  7. Siobhan Louw [Somersert House] – presented her Term Long ICT Project – Planning a Virtual International Holiday
    S Louw TeachMeetFeb2012.pptx
  8. Siobhan Louw [Somersert House] – Shared an App called Boxee during the iPadMeet session
    S Louw boxee.ppsx
  9. Cheryl Douglas [Bishops] – presented on Using OneNote to produce Biology Notes on the Endocrine System
  10. Fiona Beal – [SchoolNet] – showed us How to make a Protopage
    How to make a protopage.pptx
  11. Louise Leigh [Herzlia] – shared her Integrated ICT Tasks in Mathematics  – Google Docs Grade 9 Data Handling Research Project
    The Environment – Research Topic and Introduction; Design of a Survey/Questionnaire, Administering a Survey, Organizing Data by making tally tables, Double bar graph, calculating averages, writing a report on results and report features of graphs, writing a conclusion with informed opinion and findings, a Bibliography, and finally to present. ICT Integrated Tasks.pptx; ycling Herzlia 2009-2012.pdf;9-Recycling Double Bar Graph 2012.xlsx; 9-Graph Project 2012.pdf
  12. Peter Schutte [Wynberg Girls] – presented on using Edmodo in the Maths Class
    Edmodo_Teacher_Training_Presentation.pptx; Edmodo__a_student_quick_start_guide.pdf; UsesforEdmodoAllgradelevels.pdf
  13. Gilmour Gordon [Elkanah House] – shared his Music with Audacity, Movies with Sound project with the audience
    [email for access to dropbox folder if you would like to view / download this presentation due to size limitations 
  14. Alan Goldberg [Digicape] – presented on iBook format / Author, Popplet Lite,and the use of a science iPad app and gadget during the iPadMeet.
  15. Jak Tangkuampien [Elkanah House] presented on Marking with the iPad. 

Without the above Keen Beans as well as the Enthusiastic Lurkers the 2 hour session would not be possible.

I encourage everyone to continue sharing and collaborating amongst each other, to visit the wiki, interact with others and mail should you have something to share at the next meet.

A special thank you to:

Christiaan Vlok – Elkanah student for video footage and photos
Arthur Preston – Elkanah House Senior Primary Principal for twitter backchannel
Karen Stadler – Elkanah House ICT Integrator for the twitter backchannel
Gareth Davies – Business of Teaching – for the donation of magazine prizes
Bongi Damane – Elkanah staff member for organising the refreshments
Fiona Beal – SchoolNet for her continued support and encouragement

Continue the collaboration on twitter : #elkteachmeet and #SAipaded

Photographs of our Meets


TeachMeets in other parts of the world!

Ireland joins TeachMeets – visit the wiki on

Australia is having a huge one this Friday evening where they are trying to beat a world record for TeachMeets

Check out the ustream here:

This Saturday, a big virtual International Teachmeet with 32 presenters from 20 countries (Fiona Beal of SchoolNet is one of the volunteers…go Fiona!) was held.
Visit Do you listen to blogtalkradio? Lots of great discussions happening here!

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Discuss All Things iPAD @ the iPADMeet

Schools are investigating the implementation of iPADs into the classroom to engage and extend learning.  Teachers are also a buzz about purchasing a tablet for personal & education use.

Elkanah House is running an iPadMeet forum for Principals, Teachers, ICT Heads and Coordinators to pool considerations, resources, and knowledge about device implementation in a school environment.

We are all on the same discovery path and hope to implement such devices using a seamless approach into our schools.  But often, these pilot projects are not successful due to a number of essential factors which could make or break victory! With constant discussions and support around these issues we hope to be better informed.

Some of the topics we aim to cover during our iPADMeet @ Elkanah House are:

  •      Ownership of devices [staff + students / parents]
  •      Is the iPad the “way 2 go”
  •      Purchasing of Apps – “are we App dependent”
  •      iTunes – without learning the hard way!
  •      Training of staff
  •      Infrastructure and Support
  •      Using Cloud or school server – storing of
  •      Social Media policies – do we need to control this or manage this?
  •      Wireless – solutions, cost
  •      Pilot projects – tracking and managing
  •      iPad curriculum – wiki for success for use by all schools?
  •      ePub distribution to student iPads [resources, portal options]

So, hurry and book your spot at the iPADMeet.

Don’t forget to bring your iPAD [or any other device] with you.  If you are keen on using ICT to support teaching and learning, then you should join us from 11h00 to 13h00 for our TeachMeet @ Elkanah, just before the iPADMeet.


Our scrumptious Schoolyard Market @ Elkanah is happening on the same day as the TeachMeet & iPADMeet! You do not want to miss this…see our website for details.

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Collaborate @ TeachMeets

Elkanah House is hosting another two TeachMeets. Come and join us as a Keen Bean – all you need to share is a 3 minute idea, project or classroom experience using ICT. It is the perfect environment to learn from each other and share resources in a relaxed atmosphere with the bonus opportunity to meet new friends.  Such fun was had by all during the first TeachMeet @ Elkanah and we would love to have many more teachers experiencing this with us.

If you prefer to “check out the situation” the first time, you are welcome as an Enthusiastic Lurker. Lots of discussions are held before; during and after the TeachMeet … so don’t miss out! All it takes is 2 hours of your time on a Saturday afternoon once in a blue moon :-).

Sign up by visiting OR
Send an email to Linda at
Follow us on twitter at #elkteachmeet

Our next TeachMeet date is set for the 26th NOVEMBER 2011 @ 11h00 [see advert below] 


If you are too busy with the exam period, please book for the next TeachMeet set for the 25th FEBRUARY 2012 @ 11h00 [see advert above]


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