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MicrosoftMeet – the overdue Report Back

Have been really busy since the MicrosoftMeet held at Bishops recently – and apologies for the late report back.  Thank you to Sally Bowes for offering the use of the venue for the meet and special thanks to Anthony Fortuin and Justin Richter from Bishops who went the extra mile on the day!

I will be sending out a schedule of dates shortly, with a more regular schedule of TeachMeets. The next meet will be at Rondebosch Boys Prep School, thank you Warren Sparrow for arranging this!

We had a few issues with connectivity on the day and some presentations were not able to be viewed at the meet, but I have listed all presenters and presentations below, so that you can go through them and collaborate with the presenter, should you wish to do so.

  1. Warren Sparrow– Introduction to OfficeMix –

  2. Linda Foulkes – Overview of the Microsoft Educator Network, the benefits – chatted about MIEE, the process and benefits of entering as well as Sway.  Mentioned the benefits of using OneNote in the Classroom as my learning activity for E2

  3. Fiona Beal – Presented on the many Useful Ways to use PowerPoint in the Classroom

  4. Sachita Jeeta, from Mauritius, presented on  Skype in the Classroom / Mystery Skype

  5. Mabore Lekalakala – Mix to Learn Maths –

  6. Mokhudu Cynthia  –

  7. Bradly Lawrence from Living Maths – presented an energetic demonstration of Kahoot and got the audience involved in the process.

  8. Marija Preteska – 

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MicrosoftMeet : An Event not to be Missed


You might have attended the Microsoft Roadshow recently or missed it completely – no worries, here is the opportunity you have been waiting for!

It is time to collaborate together at the first MICROSOFTMEET held by NetLEARN Update. You will be inspired by all the free technologies Microsoft has to offer the educator. In addition, if you are wanting a relevant, current and rewarding professional development route for your teachers, which has badge incentives and tracking, then this session is not to be missed.  

Do not be left behind, equip yourself with the knowledge of what is out there to enable teachers to successfully educate our youth using technology as a tool in the classroom.

The MICROSOFTMEET will be run just like previous TeachMeets – with some prizes, cupcakes, refreshments and a great bunch of “unconference” fun, getting together to share experiences.

  • Should you be willing to share a presentation, idea, tool, or just something [big or small] which worked for you in the classroom – please sign up as a Keen Bean.

  • If you would just like to enjoy the two hours and collaborate with others, then sign up as an Enthusiastic Lurker.

  • Should you not be able to make the event but want to contribute something – please do so either by submitting a short audio or video clip or presentation which we can all view at the Meet.

  • If you would like to follow us, use the following hashtag:


  • Should you wish to know more….contact me as per the advert below.


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