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Nothing Wrong with Healthy Competition!

Nothing Wrong with Healthy Competition!

Grade 8 to Grade 11 Students @ Elkanah House are working really hard to better their exam scores in order to enter the Microsoft Office Worldwide Competition. There is a week before the South African exam submission deadline!  Although the children have a hectic academic load they still find the time to attend a session on a Saturday morning before they head off to other school commitments throughout the day! The IT Center is abuzz with healthy, excited, competitive children who are investigating the ribbon, group and icons with the Office 2010 application.

It is wonderful to watch and work with such motivated children competing against each other. Our children display a healthy, supportive environment to one another but yet are aiming for personal best time and exam score. 

I am proud to be involved with this strong group of individuals and wish them ALL everything of the best for the 25th April 2013.

More information about the competition is found at:


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