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MSEN | the Ultimate PLN and PD for Teachers


The above Mix is a walk-thorough of the features of the Microsoft Educator Network using OfficeMix as the delivery tool. Click the image to view the mix. This presentation was created as a resource [using OfficeMix] for a Skype call with teachers from Nigeria to share with them the benefits of the MSEN.

Teachers are often apprehensive about changing the way they deliver their lessons. This is not always because they do not want to move forward. Often the mindset is due to the enormous about of time that the change will absorb from their already burdened workload [which is absolutely appreciated, ask me…I know, and I’m sure you do too!]

One can spend a lot of time browsing the net and not really “finding anything of value” if you do not know where to look or do not have a PLN or support. This is when most give up…unless they have knowledge about the MSEN.

The Microsoft Educator Network is referred to as the MSEN. It contains a Resources Area [Free Tools, Learning Activities, Tutorials, Quick Tip Videos and Bing in the Classroom]; Professional Development section [Earn Badges, Courses, EduCast Webinars and Global Educator Exchange]; Community [Discussions, Hot Topic Blogs] and Special Opportunities [Educator Programme and more]

The MSEN is located at

The benefits of the MSEN website are explained in the mix above. Besides all the benefits listed, my most favourite things about the Educator Network are that everything is under one roof, is 100% free, and the opportunity for collaboration with others is immense. Not to mention that one can do PD in the comfort of one’s own home, with a group of teachers or in a training session at school AND IN YOUR OWN TIME!

To all the teachers out there who have the Educator Network as their personal learning network for professional development, support or the ability to locate applicable educational resources, I challenge you to inspire TWO teachers by helping them access such a beneficial resource as the Microsoft Educator Network.

And guess what! If you have a device, you are able to complete a course and earn a badge, anywhere…anytime. The website displays perfectly on my device:

2015-01-19 21.29.17

 So spread the news…look no further than the MSEN for the latest technological trends in education.

Watch this blog for my next post on the tips and tricks when compiling an OfficeMix


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Dedicated Teachers from Abuja | Skype Call

Well it certainly has been a very busy time in “my world ” the past few months! Hence the lack of posting to my blog due to organising a wedding, starting a new position, and just getting involved in helping others through social media. 2015 has started off with very positive interactions and I am most certainly looking forward to getting involved, and challenging myself this year!

On Friday at 16h00 Nigerian time, I was invited by Wellington Oboh [Principal Education Officer at FCTA SEB] to address his teachers from the Anglican Girls Grammar School in Abuja, Nigeria. The nature of the call was to show them the benefits of the MSEN [Microsoft Educator Network] and to discuss how one could use Office Mix in the classroom. Such dedicated teachers to be interested in a Skype call from Cape Town at 16h00 on a Friday! I thoroughly enjoyed the session, although I could not see the teachers whilst presenting, they produced a short clip where I was able to see lovely Amen, the lady who addressed me with a question as to how the Educator Network would be beneficial for teachers. Below is a snippet from the Skype call…

During the presentation I shared a link to my Office Mix with which I created a walk through of the Microsoft Educator Network. Teachers who have not yet taken advantage of this fantastic resource, should sign up right now – click here to open the site and get cracking on your own Professional Development for Free.




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Discuss All Things iPAD @ the iPADMeet

Schools are investigating the implementation of iPADs into the classroom to engage and extend learning.  Teachers are also a buzz about purchasing a tablet for personal & education use.

Elkanah House is running an iPadMeet forum for Principals, Teachers, ICT Heads and Coordinators to pool considerations, resources, and knowledge about device implementation in a school environment.

We are all on the same discovery path and hope to implement such devices using a seamless approach into our schools.  But often, these pilot projects are not successful due to a number of essential factors which could make or break victory! With constant discussions and support around these issues we hope to be better informed.

Some of the topics we aim to cover during our iPADMeet @ Elkanah House are:

  •      Ownership of devices [staff + students / parents]
  •      Is the iPad the “way 2 go”
  •      Purchasing of Apps – “are we App dependent”
  •      iTunes – without learning the hard way!
  •      Training of staff
  •      Infrastructure and Support
  •      Using Cloud or school server – storing of
  •      Social Media policies – do we need to control this or manage this?
  •      Wireless – solutions, cost
  •      Pilot projects – tracking and managing
  •      iPad curriculum – wiki for success for use by all schools?
  •      ePub distribution to student iPads [resources, portal options]

So, hurry and book your spot at the iPADMeet.

Don’t forget to bring your iPAD [or any other device] with you.  If you are keen on using ICT to support teaching and learning, then you should join us from 11h00 to 13h00 for our TeachMeet @ Elkanah, just before the iPADMeet.


Our scrumptious Schoolyard Market @ Elkanah is happening on the same day as the TeachMeet & iPADMeet! You do not want to miss this…see our website for details.

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