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Students achieve Certifications @ Elkanah

Elkanah House purposefully chooses to provide all students with a technology rich environment. We actively strive to ensure that all our students become confident and competent users of ICT in preparation for the world of the 21st Century. Students throughout Grades 8 to 11 have been working extremely hard during the allocated one lesson per week [timetabled into the academic day]. Students are expected to validate knowledge, skills and abilities acquired by achieving the specialist certifications for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook 2010. Those students taking IT as a subject are also required to complete Access 2010.

Students complete the certifications over a two year period. Courseware is provided in digital format to students at the beginning of the year. Students are expected to use the manuals and exercise files / videos provided [see example of these manuals] to prepare for the certification at home, in addition to the formal training sessions provided during the academic day. The certifications certainly demand real world application and go beyond basic usage of the applications.

Exam Preparation

In addition to the courseware provided students are fortunate to have access to exam preparation software, called Certiprep for Microsoft® Office Certifications. Once formal training is complete, the learning and practice environment called Certiprep is a wonderful tool for the teacher to ascertain the skill level. Once a student has completed the practice test the results are uploaded to the Certiport website where each student is a member. The teacher is able to produce the practice results, per exam group, as well as a breakdown of skills achieved / not achieved. The Exam testing and training environment provided by Certiport is an absolute pleasure to use, is reliable and stress-free administration system for the candidate, proctor and teacher.

For more information on these very worthwhile certifications, please visit:

Certiport website detailing certification options or the Microsoft Learning website

Congratulations to my students [see mug shots above] who have taken the plunge before the set test date and passed certifications and are now MICROSOFT SPECIALISTS! Shaun Nothard, a Grade 9 student has outshone the rest with achieving his Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 Certifications for Word and PowerPoint, with Aaron Smit, Jordan Ferreira, Brendan Howe, Chris Tworeck achieving Word 2010 Specialist and last, but not least, the first girl at Elkanah to achieve the certification for Word 2010, Chrystal Udall!

Such an achievement!

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