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My TechYesDad

My Dad is the TechYesDad of note! I don’t know of any other person his age who is so into his “devices”. He was born in 1929 [yes, he is 82]. Instead of calling my sister and myself for help with the normal “old daddy” aches and pains, he uses us as a support hotline [and wants immediate results] every now and then. Not for mundane computer tasks like but things like…”Can you bring the cable for the cell phone so I can get my photos off the phone onto the laptop” … “AVG is just initialising…have goggled it, can you help me reinstall it?” … “’my wireless printer,copier, fax is not working properly” … “I need help with my Skype password” … “How do I bring up the copy paste toolbar on Firefox”…”I installed Adobe Reader but it won’t work when I access the internet”…

TechYesDad was never into technology…all he did on a pc prior to this adventure was play Solitaire…although I do think he must be the Solitaire King as well. He has reached over 7500 games and won over 5700 of them! I was blown away a few weeks ago as I received an email at work from my blog. Someone had commented on my About Me page named John. It took my some time to figure out that it was my TechYes Dad – oh my hat – he found my blog and sent me a comment for approval.

When my Dad was 80, he attended my Social Networking Course for Seniors at Elkanah House, which I arranged for members of a retirement village in the area during the holiday. All chatted on Gmail, Facebook, and Skype using headsets …loads of fun was had by all including an opportunity to meet new friends.

My Dad Skypes, has a Gmail account which he uses actively, browses the net for information, looks for information on Gumtree, takes photo’s on his Nokia and downloads them to his laptop, has a Facebook account, organises his own data cards and loves social networking sites. Recently he has taken to visit online cams all over the world! Technology has given him something to busy himself with — one is never to old to learn and embrace technology. At times, during a lesson a student will argue that they do not need to learn about technology as they will get someone else to do it for them or the career they will follow when they leave school does not require the skills…if this comes up again…I will share the story of my TechYesDad!




Way2Go TechYesDad! Oh and he does all this will the use of only one arm / hand!

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