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Knowmia | Lesson and Assignment Tool

The past few weeks I have done a huge amount of evaluating apps and websites in order to create “flipped” lessons for ones classroom.  I created this video lesson using Knowmia Teach. This app is available as download from iTunes.  The screenshot you see below is taken from the iPad App whilst I was creating the video using Knowmia Teach.  Knowmia Teach can be used by the teacher or student to create and deliver lessons.  It is possible to import all types of media as well as draw on the screen whilst presenting.

Once complete, the video lesson is published to the Knowmia website as a lesson. One can also export the lesson to your iPad or download the lesson from the Knowmia website as an mp4.  One thing I have learnt the hard way, when working with Knowmia Teach, is that if you need to edit a recorded lesson by adding slides and do not assign any recording, the lesson will not publish. So if you are going to experiment, make sure that you record on any edited slides even if no sound is produced. It pays to plan your video beforehand and not have to edit adding slides afterwards!

Once the lesson is created, one adds the lesson to an assignment. Add some assessment questions and any supporting class notes or files and share to your students. The “beta” reporting function Knowmia is outstanding and is all a teacher could wish for in order to keep track of student engagement either in real-time or after completing of a homework task. This is a great tool to use for tutorial lessons.


I used the app to create [in haste] a short video for staff at our school as an Induction session showing how to add their Webmail signature. Here is the completed video which I published from Knowmia Teach.

I am hoping to replace our traditional pdf HowTo handouts with a more visual mode of training. So experimenting with lots of different tools with the ability to assess students and staff by multiple choice and short answer question types with reporting.

Knowmia is certainly one of the best tools I have ever come across for flipping lessons using video and assignments.

I decided to do a comparison of all the tools I could find which teachers and students could use for the creation of lessons and assignments using video, pictures, polls, and self marking. I tested all of the tools on each of the following: iPad, Android Tablet [Samsung Galaxy Note], Windows laptop and a MAC. Whilst comparing I jotted down some key points about each of the tools. The list [shown below] will be updated as functionality is added by the various creators [we all know the rate at which these tools develop is phenomenal]. In addition, I’m sure I have left off many – let me know by way of commenting should you feel a specific tool should be mentioned.

OneNote was also used to create a resource expanda file for my BYOD program at school which contains all these tools as well as subject related resources and so on. Should you wish to have a copy, please contact me and I will dropbox it to you.

I would very much like some feedback if you have used any of the tools on my list, which is available below:




On Thursday, 20th February, I presented a webinar for SchoolNet on Knowmia and Knowmia Teach. The webinar recording link is below should you wish to listen to and watch the presentation.

Click HERE to find out exactly what Knowmia and Knowmia Teach have to offer.

My Knowmia Webinar slideshow is below:

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